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A Supportive Hug




Two Ten Therapy is a Well-Being service that supports  individuals, schools and organisations with counselling, supervision, coaching programs and awareness training.


We are a service that has grown out of years of listening, supporting and encouraging people in a variety of settings.  This has given us deeper understanding of how therapeutic interventions can help in different environments, and we hope to share our passion and professional skills with others to help them adapt to our ever changing world while still achieving their goals.


We believe that great things can happen when people come together with the same mind and the same goal.  Our desire is to ally with people in a way that creates a synergy; a powerful partnership whose combined outcomes are greater than what we achieve alone.


When you choose to work with us you will get all of our experience and therapeutic skills underpinned by our commitment to value people, which we give freely.  Our 'people matter' vision is the heart of the work we do; we value people and care about their growth and development.  Our sense of achievement is embedded in the success of those we work with so, when you win - we do too!


The roots of Two Ten are embedded in a charitable history where much of our attitude and commitment has been shaped, so we wouldn’t be being completely transparent if we didn’t share with you our hopes to give back to our communities.  Although we are not a registered charity, we work closely with charitable friends and keep giving in mind, so by choosing Two Ten as your provider, you are likely to be supporting others too.


If you’d like to know more, take a look around the site, drop us an e-mail or give us a call, we’d love to meet with you.    


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